Laminate Countertops & Solid Surface Countertops

At Gold Seal Cabinets & Countertops, there is little that we take more serious than the production of our top of the line of solid surface and laminate countertops. The professionals at Gold Seal have worked meticulously for two decades in developing a system that many try to duplicate but none can replicate. Gold Seal works closely with America’s leading brands in countertops to provide you with the widest selection at the lowest prices. Because we work with many suppliers we can offer a more intimate selection that will perfectly compliment your project. Listed below are the types of countertops and services that assist the countertop portion of Gold Seal.

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Laminate Countertops:

countertop 1Our laminate countertops selection at Gold Seal provides you with the widest selection of colors and patterns at the lowest price, in addition to a laminate selection that provides the same look and design as granite countertops. Our laminate tops also come with the widest selection of edge treatments. At Gold Seal we understand that food preparation around countertops is a common occurrence, especially those with families. Because laminate is nonporous it does not absorb the harmful bacteria that can be left behind, providing you with a clean surface that will provide health benefits for you and your family. In addition the professionals at Gold Seal know that your laminate countertops are meant to be used and must be able to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Laminate is a good choice and is well credited for its durability and resilience.

Solid Surface Countertops:

Not enough can be said about the practicality and assets of our solid surface selection. Solid surface is a blend of natural and high performance acrylics with a consistent color and pattern that runs all the way through the top. Solid surface can be cut, formed, routed, and thermo formed to create unlimited designs that our professionals can implement into your project. In addition solid surface tops feature an inconspicuous seam that can be utilized, unlike granite where seams are much more noticeable. Like laminate, solid surface countertops are non-porous and do not hold bacteria and stain like granite tops. At Gold Seal we take pride in the reliability and durability of our solid surface tops. Nicks, cuts, and scratches are easily removed with ordinary clear with no signs of damage. Solid surface is also backed by a 10 year warranty from the manufacture while granite has none unless supplied by the installer. Call or stop in today and see how our certified representatives can compliment your home or workplace project. Gold seal carries a magnificent selection of the highest quality countertops from laminate to solid surface. We guarantee that we will supply you with a reliable product that will add style and reliability to your lifestyle to enjoy your tops for a very long time. From our in house factory manufacturing to your personal countertop delivery and installation, Gold Seal puts much pride in supplying our customers with quality countertops at an unbeatable price.